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Here at Amel we believe the work we do is only part of the picture. Sure, logo design, web design, branding and marketing, all vitally important for us, but we also value you. We don’t see people we work for as mere clients, but real people, with different wants, needs and dreams. We choose to take a deeply personal approach, as when working with a good friend. Who knows, maybe in the end might just become that. Good friends.

What we dabble in

With quite the background in helping people and companies around the world and with constantly learning new things, the Amel team is here for your every design and digital marketing need.

Logo & Branding

Concept, research, execution – all the steps required for you to have a brand that brings customers in.


We know our way around a user interface and we can make yours turn heads the right way.

Digital Marketing

Having a solid and remarkable online presence through social media is vital nowadays. Let us do it for you.

Other artsy things

Whatever you need, we design. Tshirts, custom illustrations, book covers, flyers, you name it.

Stuff we've done

We helped people around the world to achieve their professional goals through well thought-out design solutions

Houseborn Engineering





Radio Aripi Spre Cer


Our partners and clients

We take pride in working with a lot of awesome brands and we take pride in knowing we did our little part in adding to their value

Why we do what we do.

There is a number of ways to answer this but the simple fact is that we love it! Amel Creative is a place where a bunch of fairly talented and extremely passioned people do the jobs they hold dear to their hearts. Be it designing a cool new logo, rebranding a company, helping people reach out to their customers via a nice website or through viable and impactful digital marketing solutions, at the end of the day we go home with a smile on our face and we look forward to seeing the results of what we do: happy people, more clients, added value and a sens of purpose for everyone.

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